Installation Guide

home page

  1. Login to your ghost dashboard and upload the theme.

  2. To add content to your bio, follow these instructions -

    1. Create a post with slug 'about'
    2. Add content
    3. Check the option 'Turn this post into a page' from the options menu.
    4. Publish
  3. Next activate the 'All Posts' page by creating a page with the slug 'all-posts'.

  4. Next create 'Work' tag from the tags sections.

  5. To add a post to the 'Work' section on the home page, follow these instructions -

    1. Create post with tag 'Work'
    2. Check the option 'Feature this post' from the options menu
    3. Publish
  6. You can activate different social media links in the footer on the home page by removing comments from the div with class 'social-media-ribbon' in the index.hbs file. (By default Twitter and Facebook are active)